An advocate of working with what you have to achieve the best possible results...

Bertram Ronald Cash, also known as Ronnie "Frostbeatz" Cash is an audio engineer and music producer who believes the true magic of music comes from people, not gear.  Born in the island nation of the Bahamas to parents who did well enough for their family to live okay but still be thankful for every blessing, Ronnie learned to work as well as he could with the modest resources he was given.  Thanks to his father, musical prowess was already circulating through his veins and it only took a few experiences with the right people to start him down the road that would result in 25+ years of audio experience.  He started dabbling in other media related areas like graphic design and videography as the needs of friends and colleagues demanded a certain touch that hadn't yet been found in anyone amongst their circles, further increasing his skill set.  Through it all, Ronnie has maintained one notion "Let's see how we can do this, with the least amount of money spending possible".

His talents have brought him before great people, helped him travel extensively throughout the Caribbean, U.S. and internationally and made him a believer in people who work hard and keep learning.  He is husband to a beautiful wife, father to three wonderful children, lover of all things tech and a firm believer in Christ.  His desire for everyone he comes into contact with is that they would be motivated to excel more, learn more and they would believe more in their own professionalism.



Producer/Mixing Credits